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This page provides guidance and procedures for university-wide policies for which the Office of the Vice Provost for Research is the "responsible office."

Financial Conflicts of Interest Related to Research

The new policy on Financial Conflicts of Interest Related to Research was promulgated on April 12, 2011. This policy assures that members of the University report their external commitments and financial interests in a timely manner and that their real and apparent financial conflicts of interest and conflicts of commitment are identified and responsibly managed. Click here to view the policy.

Inventions and Related Property Rights

University Policy 1.5, Inventions and Related Property Rights, explains the principles and procedures by which inventions are disclosed to the University, how ownership of inventions is determined, how inventions are protected and commercialized, and how invention revenue is distributed.

Policy 1.5 also prescribes a uniform procedure for the distribution of all net licensing income. Under extraordinary and compelling circumstances the Executive Vice President for Technology Transfer, Intellectual Property and Research Policy may, when feasible, grant a limited exception from this distribution.

Postdoc Minimum Salaries

The minimum annual salary for postdoctoral associates is set at the NIH NSRA zero years of experience stipend level. Salary for postdocs on NIH awards must follow the minimum salary requirements for all years of experience. Employee benefits must be budgeted at the full endowed benefit rate or applicable contract college rate.
NRSA announcement of FY 2016 minimum salaries.

Principal Investigator Eligibility Policy

Full-time members of the faculty may serve as principal investigators on sponsored programs. Individuals with certain other titles may serve, under special circumstances and with the approval of the Senior Vice Provost for Research, as a principal investigator/project director (via PI Form 5 application). View the policy and Form 5 application. [Note: The PI Form 5 application was last updated on 01.15.10]

Summer Salary Guidance and Attestation Procedure

Principal and Co-Principal Investigators are reminded of regulations related to summer compensation from sponsored projects. Guidance on this topic is provided in a campuswide communication from Senior Vice Provost for Research, Robert A. Buhrman. A new attestation procedure has been developed for those cases when a faculty member requests more than 2.5 months of summer salary.


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