Annual Report 2001 - Cornell University
007 Cornell Research Funding

03 Ranking Cornell Nationally

By Research Expenditures, FY 2000

Research Expenditures1
Dollars in Thousands

University of Wisconsin, Madison $554,361
University of Michigan 551,556
University of California, Los Angeles 530,826
University of Washington 529,342
University of California, San Diego 518,559
University of California, Berkeley 518,514
Stanford University 454,780
University of California, San Francisco 443,013
University of Pennsylvania 430,389
Pennsylvania State University 427,575
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 426,299
University of Minnesota 411,380
Cornell University 410,393
Texas A&M University 397,268

Source: National Science Foundation
1 These dollars do not include R&D expenditures at university-associated, federally funded research and development centers. NSF also adds estimated unrecovered indirect costs, as reported by institutions, to totals.

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