Annual Report 2001 - Cornell University
003 Selected Faculty Research

01 Restoring vision through gene therapy
Gustavo D. Aguirre, Veterinary Medicine, Baker Institute for Animal Health

02 Ushering in a new class of plastics
Geoffrey Coates, Chemistry and Chemical Biology

03 Controlling insects naturally
Thomas Eisner, Neurobiology and Behavior

04 Detecting galaxy collisions
Riccardo Giovanelli, Astronomy, Arecibo Observatory

05 Developing new imaging techniques
David A. Hammer, Electrical and Computer Engineering,
Laboratory of Plasma Studies

06 Premiering african art in Venice
Salah M. Hassan, Africana Studies and Research Center / History of Art

07 Preventing cocaine poisoning
George P. Hess, Biochemistry / Molecular Biology and Genetics

08 Using wasps to control pests
Michael P. Hoffmann, Entomology / Integrated Pest Management Program

09 Producing an award-winning vegetable
Molly Jahn, Plant Breeding

10 Advancing research in wireless communications
Kevin T. Kornegay, Electrical and Computer Engineering Cornell
Broadband Communications Research Laboratory (CBCRL)

11 Finding new therapies for heart attacks
Roberto Levi and Randi Silver, Weill Cornell Medical College

12 Examining mandatory food labeling
Alan D. Mathios, Policy Analysis and Management

13 Finding Upstate New York family-friendly
Phyllis E. Moen, Human Development / Sociology, Cornell Careers Institute

14 Discovering size matters
Karl J. Niklas, Plant Biology

15 Wearing fungus-harboring fabrics in hospitals
Kay Obendorf, Textiles and Apparel

16 Connecting pregnancy and obesity
Christine M. Olson, Nutritional Science

17 Growing new nerve cells
W. Mark Saltzman, Chemical Engineering

18 Creating nanobumps
Stephen Sass, Materials Science and Engineering, and Melissa Hines,
Chemistry and Chemical Biology

19 Reaping high profits through integrity
Tony L. Simmons, Hotel Administration

20 Questioning abstinence-only sex education
Gary J. Simson, Law

21 Studying family disruptions
Elaine Wethington, Human Development

22 Perpetuating mating strategies
Kelly R. Zamudio, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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