Annual Report 2002 - Cornell University
004 Selected Books by Faculty

07 Matthew P. Drennan, City and Regional Planning

The Information Economy and American Cities (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2002). Drennan advocates a national information network as the "railroad of the 21st century" and essential for all American cities and the future economy. Just as the government participated in the building of railroads, telephones and electric power, highways and airports—which led to the modern economy—it must also participate in bringing a high speed, wide-band, fiber-optic network that transmits information rapidly—the same access at the same cost—to all places in the country, including the isolated areas. He shows that places that have invested in the information economy are doing much better than those that still rely on manufacturing and distribution. The book has a wealth of rigorously analyzed econometric data that is valuable to economists, planners, and policymakers with an interest in the future of U.S. cities.

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