Annual Report 2002 - Cornell University
003 Selected Faculty Research

01 Testing for suggestibility in children

Stephen J. Ceci, Human Development, and research team developed a scientifically reliable test that assesses children's suggestibility. Hundreds of thousands of young children are interviewed every year as eyewitnesses in court cases. At times, some of these children may be swayed by their interviewers. Ceci's Video Suggestibility Scale for Children (VSSC) helps lawyers, police officers, judges, caseworkers, and psychologists identify children who may be highly suggestible and take the proper precautions. These children tend to change their testimonies in response to leading questions or negative feedback. The test consists of watching a video and responding to suggestive questioning. It is reliable for children as young as 4.5 years of age. The VSSC is beneficial for investigators in cases of abuse, neglect, child custody, and persons in need of supervision.

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