Annual Report 2002 - Cornell University
003 Selected Faculty Research

06 Measuring hotel safety

Cathy A. Enz, Hotel Administration, showed that U.S. airport hotels are the safest, in a study of 2,123 hotels. With graduate student Masako Taylor, Enz devised safety and security indexes in which she measured features such as security camera monitoring systems, secured corridors, electronic locks, sprinkler and smoke detector systems, in-room safety information, and safety videos. The researchers found that a significant proportion of hotels rated 85 percent or higher out of the perfect score of 100 on the indexes. U.S. airport hotels scored the highest followed, in order, by large hotels, luxury hotels of any size, and new hotels. All-suite properties and convention hotels also ranked high in safety and security. Resorts scored low, attributed to amenities such as balconies, and bed-and-breakfast properties and condominiums scored low, attributed to lack of sprinklers and electronic door locks. Motels had the lowest score.

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