Annual Report 2002 - Cornell University
003 Selected Faculty Research

08 Bringing proteins into broader view

Jack H. Freed, Chemistry and Chemical Biology, and research colleagues discovered a new way to measure—or to see—proteins. The technique determines the protein structure by measuring the distances between atoms in the molecule at greater separations than previously possible. The technique is likened to a way of seeing the whole forest of a protein instead of seeing the trees one after another. It shows how molecules move, react, and interact with each other. This new method uses ESR (electron spin resonance) and is the first major advance at Cornell's National Biomedical Center for Advanced ESR Technology (ACERT), directed by Freed. Prior to this discovery, protein structure has been determined by x-ray crystallography and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, both with significant drawbacks. The new technology will quicken the pace in transforming the human genome sequencing projects' blueprints of life.

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