Annual Report 2002 - Cornell University
003 Selected Faculty Research

01 Testing for suggestibility in children
Stephen J. Ceci, Human Development

02 Growing the photonics industry in Rochester, NY
Susan M. Christopherson, City and Regional Planning

03 Retiring to care for sick spouses
Marin E. Clarkberg, Sociology, and graduate student Emma Detinger

04 Speeding up gene sequencing
Harold G. Craighead, Applied and Engineering Physics

05 Holding corporate lawyers more accountable
Roger C. Cramton, Law

06 Measuring hotel safety
Cathy A. Enz, Hotel Administration

07 Linking chronic noise and learning impairment
Gary W. Evans, Design and Environmental Analysis

08 Bringing proteins into broader view
Jack H. Freed, Chemistry and Chemical Biology

09 Experimenting with a one-of-a-kind x-ray cam
Sol M. Gruner, Physics

10 Identifying restorer genes in plants
Maureen R. Hanson, Molecular Biology and Genetics

11 Revealing the role of estrogen in preventing female cardiac disease
Michael I. Kotlikoff, Biomedical Sciences

12 Supplying battery power for nanomachines
Amit Lal, Electrical and Computer Engineering

13 Creating the single-atom transistor
Paul L. McEuen, Physics, Cornell Center for Materials Research

14 Attracting institutional investors
Roni Michaely and Yaniv Grinstein, Johnson Graduate School of

15 Battling tuberculosis
Carl Nathan, Weill Cornell Medical College, Microbiology and Immunology

16 Treating cancer with retinoic acid
Noa Noy, Nutritional Sciences

17 Calling for energy conservation
David Pimentel, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

18 Unlocking evolutionary secrets of insects
Wendell L. Roelofs, Cornell Geneva Campus / Entomology

19 Dropping out?
John W. Sipple, Education

20 Choosing a job candidate
Michael C. Sturman, Hotel Administration

21 Pulling apart chromatin fiber for observation
Michelle D. Wang, Physics

22 Linking nature with children's attention capabilities
Nancy M. Wells, Design and Environmental Analysis

23 Creating a flexible ceramic material
Ulrich B. Wiesner, Materials Science and Engineering

24 Engineering rice to tolerate environmental stresses
Ray J. Wu, Molecular Biology and Genetics

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