02. License for Biomaterials Yielded $1.75 Million for Cornell

Four patents for Cornell biomaterials technology licensed to MediVas, a privately held company in San Diego, California, resulted in $1.75 million in licensing payments to Cornell when MediVas sold the exclusive worldwide license to Guidant Corporation. MediVas developed new techniques for coating stents using technology from the laboratory of C.C. Chu, Textiles and Apparel. Chu and his research team developed an amino acid-based, highly elastic biomaterial that can coat stents to deliver nitric oxide (NO) derivatives to prevent the restenosis of an artery. Restenosis occurs in 30-45 percent of patients after balloon angioplasty procedures and placement of stents to open clogged arteries. Another class of the patented, licensed biomaterial is biodegradable hydrogels, which can improve the delivery of bioactive compounds in the body. They have potential for wound-care products and as substrates for tissue engineering to replace aged or diseased tissues or organs. Because of the high water retention ability of hydrogels, they may be useful for environment-friendly diapers and for agricultural devices.

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