Annual Report FY 2004 - Research at Cornell

13. James R. McConkey, English

The Telescope in the Parlor: Essays on Life and Literature (Paul Dry Books, 2004). In this collection of essays, James McConkey—novelist, professor, and memoirist—writes about the authors and experiences that have meant the most to him. In “Three Autobiographical Essays” and “A Story for a Child,” McConkey poignantly recalls events of courting and family life that remain as clear to his inner vision as the day they took place. In “Eight Essays about Literature,” he explains why he loves the books he loves and why he responds to the work of A.R. Ammons, Anton Chekhov, and E.M. Forster, among others. Publishers Weekly acclaimed the book to be “elegant and deeply personal, … revealing a seasoned mind and a soulful spirit.”

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