Annual Report FY 2004 - Research at Cornell
01. Rural Road
Josephine A. V. Allen and Eunice Rodriguez, Policy Analysis and Management
02. Drinking and Gender Harassment
Samuel Bacharach, Industrial and Labor Relations
03. Hear the Humming?
Andrew H. Bass, Neurobiology and Behavior
04. Converting Nitrogen into Ammonia
Paul Chirik, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
05. Beyond Nano
Harold G. Craighead, Applied and Engineering Physics
06. Memory and Change
Timothy J. DeVoogd, Psychology/Neurobiology and Behavior
07. Jumping Species
Edward J. Dubovi, Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences
08. Class-Action Court
Theodore Eisenberg, Law
09. The Shape of a Protein
Steven E. Ealick, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
10. Corporate Finance
Yaniv Grinstein, Johnson Graduate School of Management,
11. Taking Iron Supplements
Jere Haas, Nutritional Sciences
12. Stand at Your Computer
Alan Hedge, Design and Environmental Analysis
13. Mysteries of Human Memory
Barbara Hempstead, Weill Cornell Medical College, Hematology/Oncology
14. Hotels During Blackouts
Robert Kwortnik, Hotel Administration
15. Selenium and Type 2 Diabetes
Xingen Lei, Animal Science
16. Photonic Chips
Michal Lipson, Electrical and Computer Engineering
17. Tunable Nanotube Oscillator
Paul L. McEuen, Physics
18. Debugging new Semiconductor Materials
David A. Muller, Applied and Engineering Physics
19. Food—Insecurity or Security?
Christine M. Olson, Nutritional Sciences
20. Upstate New York Economy
Rolf J. Pendall, Matthew P. Drennan, and Susan M. Christopherson, City and Regional Planning
21. Mystery of The Crane Dance
Nerissa Russell, Anthropology
22. Secrets of Synaptic Activity
Timothy A. Ryan, Weill Cornell, Biochemistry/Biochemistry in Anesthesiology
23. Switching Brands
Judy A. Siguaw, Hotel Administration
24. The Spirit of the Rovers
Steven W. Squyres, Astronomy
25. Celebrating Friends
Steven E. Stucky, Music
26. DNA Unzipped
Michelle D. Wang, Physics
27. Falling Paper, Falling Leaves
Z. Jane Wang, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
28. Seeing Millisecond Nerve Impulses
Watt W. Webb, Applied and Engineering Physics
29. On the Trail of Influenza
Gary R. Whittaker, Virology
30. Imitating Nature
Ulrich B. Wiesner, Materials Science and Engineering
31. Rings and Moons
Joseph A. Burns, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics/Astronomy

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