Annual Report FY 2004 - Research at Cornell

01. Rural Road

Josephine A. V. Allen and Eunice Rodriguez, Policy Analysis and Management, their research team of graduate and undergraduate students, and Jennifer Tiffany, director of Parent HIV Education Project, discovered an increase in knowledge and understanding of AIDS/HIV/STDs and a reduction in AIDS-related worry among teenagers. However, they found mixed results in risk and protective behaviors. The researchers used a participatory action research (PAR) strategy to evaluate knowledge, communication, and prevention of HIV/STDs among adolescents ages 15 to 19 living in rural areas of upstate New York. The project, ROAD (Reach Out AIDS/HIV/STD Discussions), adapted and implemented respondent-driven sampling and participant-driven recruitment in order to obtain nonbiased samples of participants. The PAR strategy allowed the researchers to involve teenagers, parents, youth service providers, and community members in the research process, while contributing to learning and intergenerational communication.

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