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01. Samuel Bacharach, Industrial and Labor Relations
Get Them on Your Side: Win Support, Convert Skeptics, Get Results (Platinum Press, 2005)
02. Malcolm Bilson, Music
Knowing the Score (Cornell University Press, 2005)
03. Kenneth P. Birman, Computer Science
Reliable Distributed Systems: Technologies, Web Services, and Applications (Springer, 2005)
04. Charles J. Brainerd and Valerie F. Reyna, Human Development
The Science of False Memory (Oxford University Press, 2005)
05. David A. Dunning, Psychology
Self-Insight: Roadblocks and Detours on the Path to Knowing Thyself (Psychology Press, 2005)
06. Roger S. Gilbert, ed., English, (with David Burak)
Considering the Radiance: Essays on the Poetry of A. R. Ammons (Norton, 2005)
07. Isabel V. Hull, History
Absolute Destruction: Military Culture and the Practices of War in Imperial Germany (Cornell University Press, 2005)
08. Jan Jennings, Design and Environmental Analysis
Cheap and Tasteful Dwellings: Design Competitions and the Convenient Interior, 1879–1909 (University of Tennessee Press, 2005)
09. Jon M. Kleinberg and Eva Tardos, Computer Science
Algorithm Design (Addison Wesley, 2005)
10. Stephen L. Morgan, Sociology
On the Edge of Commitment: Educational Attainment and Race in the United States (Stanford University Press, 2005)
11. Trevor J. Pinch, Science and Technology Studies (with Harry Collins)
Dr. Golem: How to Think About Medicine (University of Chicago Press, 2005)
12. Steven F. Pond, Music
Head Hunters: The Making of Jazz’s First Platinum Album (University of Michigan Press, 2005)
13. Steven W. Squyres, Astronomy
Roving Mars: Spirit, Opportunity, and the Exploration of the Red Planet (Hyperion, 2005)
14. Robert S. Summers, Law
Form and Function in a Legal System: A General Study (Cambridge University Press, 2006)
15. Richard Swedberg, Sociology
The Max Weber Dictionary: Key Words and Central Concepts (Stanford University Press, 2005)
16. Shawkat M. Toorawa, Near Eastern Studies
Ibn Abi Tahir Tayfur and Arabic Writerly Culture: A Ninth-Century Bookman in Baghdad (Routledge Curzon, 2005)
17. Brian C. Wansink, Applied Economics and Management
Marketing Nutrition: Soy, Functional Foods, Biotechnology, and Obesity (University of Illinois Press, 2005)
18. David Wippman, Law, and Matthew Evangelista, Government (eds.)
New Wars, New Laws? Applying the Laws of War in 21st Century Conflicts (Transnational Publishers, 2005)

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