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01. Gregory S. Alexander, Law
The Global Debate over Constitutional Property: Lessons for American Takings Jurisprudence (University of Chicago Press, 2006)
02. Robert Allan, Psychology in Psychiatry, Weill Cornell Medical College
Getting Control of Your Anger: A Clinically Proven, Three-Step Plan for Getting to the Root of Your Anger and Resolving It (McGraw-Hill, 2006)
03. N’Dri T. Assié-Lumumba, Africana Studies and Research Center
Higher Education in Africa: Crises, Reforms, and Transformation (Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa, 2006)
04. James F. Bell, Astronomy
Postcards from Mars (Dutton, 2006)
05. David L. Brown, ed., Development Sociology, (with William A. Kandel)
Population Change and Rural Society (Springer, 2006)
06. Stephen J. Ceci and Wendy M. Williams, eds., Human Development
Why Aren’t More Women in Science? Top Researchers Debate the Evidence (American Psychological Association, 2007)
07. James E. Cutting, Psychology
Impressionism and Its Canon (University Press of America, 2006)
08. Peter R. Dear, History
The Intelligibility of Nature: How Science Makes Sense of the World (University of Chicago Press, 2006)
09. Ronald G. Ehrenberg, ed., Industrial and Labor Relations
What’s Happening to Public Higher Education? (Greenwood, 2006)
10. Andrew S. Galloway, English
The Penn Commentary on Piers Plowman, Volume I (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2006)
11. Valerie P. Hans, ed., Law
The Jury System: Contemporary Scholarship (Ashgate, 2006)
12. Robert L. Harris Jr., ed., Africana Studies and Research Center, (with Rosalyn Terborg-Penn)
Columbia Guide to African American History Since 1939 (Columbia University Press, 2006)
13. Michael G. Kammen, History
Visual Shock: A History of Art Controversies in American Culture (Knopf, 2006)
14. Ravi Kanbur, ed., Applied Economics and Management, (with David B. Grusky)
Poverty and Inequality (Stanford University Press, 2006)
15. Peter J. Katzenstein, ed., Government, (with Robert O. Keohane)
Anti-Americanisms in World Politics (Cornell University Press, 2006)
16. Stephen L. Morgan, Sociology, and Gary S. Fields, Industrial and Labor Relations, eds., (with David B. Grusky)
Mobility and Inequality (Stanford University Press, 2006)
17. Moshen Mostafavi, ed., Architecture
Structure as Space: Engineering and Architecture in the Works of Jürg Conzett and His Partners (Architectural Association, 2006)
18. Judith A. Peraino, Music
Listening to the Sirens: Musical Technologies of Queer Identity from Homer to Hedwig (University of California Press, 2006)
19. Annette Richards, ed., Music
C. P. E. Bach Studies (Cambridge University Press, 2006)
20. Annelise Riles, ed., Law/Anthropology
Documents: Artifacts of Modern Knowledge (University of Michigan Press, 2006)
21. Barry S. Strauss, History
The Trojan War: A New History (Simon and Schuster, 2006)
22. Brian Wansink, Applied Economics and Management
Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More than We Think (Bantam Books, 2006)

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