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05. David L. Brown, ed., Development Sociology, (with William A. Kandel)

David Brown
Brown Book

David Brown

Population Change and Rural Society (Springer, 2006). The editors bring together the latest research on social and economic trends in rural America. The book is the first scholarly assessment focused exclusively on rural demographic trends to exploit data from the Census 2000. Conducted by an interdisciplinary and regionally diverse group of social scientists—demographers, geographers, historians, and sociologists—this original research highlights four major themes transforming contemporary rural areas. They are population composition change, industrial restructuring and changing livelihoods, changing patterns of rural land use, and areas of persistent disadvantage and emerging opportunity. Each theme is examined with an expanded overview and geographically varied case studies. The book serves the interests of agricultural economists, environmental psychologists, regional planners, rural policy analysts, and other social scientists.

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