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09. Ronald G. Ehrenberg, ed., Industrial and Labor Relations

Ronald Ehrenberg
Ehrenberg Book

Ronald Ehrenberg

What’s Happening to Public Higher Education? (Greenwood, 2006). In this comprehensive overview of the state of public higher education, Ehrenberg presents what constitutes the crisis, as well as a framework for taking action against the crisis. Issues analyzed include decreased funding for public higher education, noncompetitive faculty salaries, the increase of adjunct faculty, decreases in financial aid for the needy, and increased attrition rates. Experts in the field cover national trends and their effects on students; changes in public higher education and their effects on constituents, from students to state legislators; and what university administrators see as necessary for public institutions to continue to carry out their missions. The book evolved from the 2005 annual conference of the Cornell Higher Education Research Institute (CHERI). It will appeal to anyone interested in the state of higher education.

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