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14. Ravi Kanbur, ed., Applied Economics and Management, (with David B. Grusky)

Ravi Kanbur
Kanbur Book

Ravi Kanbur

Poverty and Inequality (Stanford University Press, 2006). This book demonstrates that scholars and policy makers need new conceptual and analytic models in order to make sense of new and emerging forms of poverty and social exclusion. The editors bring together leading public scholars—Amartya Sen, Martha C. Nussbaum, Fran├žois Bourguignon, William J. Wilson, Douglas S. Massey, and Martha A. Fineman—to deal with topics including how contemporary poverty is forged in neighborhoods, how discrimination in housing markets is a profound source of poverty, how gender inequalities in the family and in the social evaluation of the caretaking role is a hidden dimension of inequality, and how contemporary inequalities may be best understood as an inequality in fundamental human capabilities.

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