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15. Peter J. Katzenstein, ed., Government, (with Robert O. Keohane)

Peter Katzenstein
Katzenstein Book

Peter Katzenstein

Anti-Americanisms in World Politics (Cornell University Press, 2006). The editors bring together distinguished scholars to explore a subject with much commentary but little research. Using qualitative and quantitative methods, these experts consider the many different ways to be anti-American. The editors identify four major types of anti-Americanism: liberal anti-Americanism, social anti-Americanism, sovereign-nationalist anti-Americanism, and radical anti-Americanism. Some forms of anti-Americanism respond to what the United States does, and these forms change when U.S. policies change. Other forms are reactions to what the United States is and involve greater bias and distrust. Historians, poling-data analysts, political scientists, anthropologists, and sociologists take an in-depth look at the complexity of anti-Americanism and conclude that there are as many ways to be anti-American as there are ways to be American.

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