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22. Brian Wansink, Applied Economics and Management

Brian Wansink
Wansink Book

Brian Wansink

Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More than We Think (Bantam Books, 2006). Wansink, who has conducted more than 200 studies on the psychology of what and why people eat, explains how we overeat: not to satisfy hunger, but as a mindless response to cues and signals. Common reasons for overeating include large portions of food; oversized dishes, glasses, and bowls; all-night restaurants; tempting foods in full view; and eating on the run, at the desk, and while multitasking. The book, featuring drawings, charts, and boxes, offers tips on how to become aware of when and what one is eating, which should lead to weight loss without dieting. The book is written for a lay audience.

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