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15. Sidney I. Resnick, Operations Research and Information Engineering

Sidney Resnick
Resnick Book

Sidney Resnick

Heavy-Tail Phenomena: Probabilistic and Statistical Modeling (Springer, 2007). Resnick’s text was among the 20 best-selling mathematics books in 2007. He presents an intriguing blend of mathematical, probabilistic, and statistical tools used in heavy-tail analysis. Heavy tails are characteristics of many phenomena where the probability of a single huge value impacts heavily. Some examples of heavy-tailed phenomena are record-breaking insurance losses, financial-log returns, file sizes stored on a server, and transmission rates of files. The book covers heavy tails in the fields of data networks, finance, insurance, and hydrology. It is useful to researchers, engineers, and others who need to model and statistically analyze phenomena driven by heavy tails.

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