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22. Bernard F. Stanton, Applied Economics and Management (emeritus)

Bernard Stanton
Stanton Book

Bernard Stanton

George F. Warren: Farm Economist (Cornell University, 2007). This biography details the life and legacy of Cornell economics professor, George F. Warren, 1874–1938. As a key economic adviser to President Franklin D. Roosevelt and an international leader and revered teacher in the emerging field of farm management, Warren influenced national economic policy under FDR, as well as state policy on conservation, land use, local government structures, highway improvement, regional markets, and rural schools. The biography traces Warren's roots as a farm boy herding sheep on the Nebraska prairie, his Cornell study with Liberty Hyde Bailey, and his service on the Cornell faculty. Warren chaired Cornell’s Department of Agricultural Economics from 1907 until his death in 1938. The book also traces Warren’s work as a leader in farm price analysis in the 1920s and ’30s, as the agricultural depression of the 1920s became a harbinger of the Great Depression, and his contributions to helping the United States recover from the Depression. Warren’s many accomplishments were recognized by FDR, who funded construction of Warren Hall on the Cornell campus in 1932.

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