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03. Ranking Cornell Nationally

By Research Expenditures, NSF FY 2007
  Dollars in Thousands
The Johns Hopkins University * $1,554,103
University of California, San Francisco 842,840
University of Wisconsin, Madison 840,672
University of California, Los Angeles 823,083
University of Michigan 808,731
University of California, San Diego 798,896
Duke University 781,843
University of Washington 756,787
Ohio State University 720,206
Stanford University 687,511
Pennsylvania State University 652,144
University of Pennsylvania 648,247
Cornell University 641,936
Source: National Science Foundation; these data do not include nonscience and engineering research expenditures and R&D expenditures at university-associated federally funded research and development centers.

* Johns Hopkins University includes the Applied Physics Laboratory, with $777,813 in total R&D expenditures.

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