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Spun off originally from work and activity within the Materials Science Center, the Cornell Nanofabrication Facility has, in its turn, spun off centers, such as NBTC and CNS that rely heavily on the skills, expertise, and unique equipment in the facility. It is the epitome of the shared facility concept. It encompasses a staggering array of equipment and tools. Even more critical is the collection of procedures and protocols for manipulating material at length scales down to the nanoscale, which has been developed within the facility by earlier users and is now embodied in the staff expertise.

Cornell did not become nanosmart overnight. Cornell’s record shows a history of imagination and action that seizes opportunities when they arise. It builds on a culture of interdisciplinary research that is difficult to generate because it is hard work and there has to be a commitment to the effort. The interdisciplinary culture is genuine. Although we may not be able to judge how fragile the growth, the nanoculture seems to have taken root at Cornell.

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