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In Search of Sustainable Global Enterprise

Sage Hall, Cornell University

The Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise

Stuart Hart discusses sustainability as a strategic business choice.As we enter the twenty-first century, global capitalism finds itself at a crossroads. Following the fall of communism in the late 1980s, a decade of economic globalization, privatization, and free trade has produced mixed results: While the wealthy and developed countries have grown richer, the vast majority of nations and people in the world have been bypassed or damaged by this process. Furthermore, the underlying natural systems supporting human economies—forests, fisheries, soils, ecosystems, and climate—have all experienced continuing decline. Antiglobalization demonstrations have made it apparent that if corporate expansion is seen as coming at the expense of the poor and the environment, it will encounter vigorous resistance. And international terrorism—the ultimate expression of antiglobalization—has made it clear that these problems will not remain geographically isolated.


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