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Harold Barnard

Butterfly and Mosquito Research Leads Undergraduates to Scientific and Personal Discoveries

Soni and Clarry

(l. to r.) Nishant Soni ’07, Noelle Clarry ’07

The invaluable experience of conducting undergraduate research provides skills, knowledge, exposure to the scientific process, and much more to students at Cornell. For Noelle Clarry ’07 and Nishant Soni ’07, entomology research in their junior and senior years allowed them to broaden their academic experience further and define their career pursuits with hands-on research in their areas of study.

Even though she does not plan to work directly in entomology, Clarry describes her experience as invaluable because it taught her scientific methodology. She hopes to use these skills in marine ecology to explore scientific questions about why organisms do the things they do.

As he looks forward to medical school, Soni realizes he wants to work with infectious diseases in both research and clinical settings. He hopes to learn more about malaria and dengue fever through continued research. His undergraduate research experience has also made him “more inclined to have an abroad clinical experience.”


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