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At Cornell

Contributing to Cancer Research

(l.) Claudia Fischbach-Teschl and Chris Liu

Undergraduates Pursue Cutting-Edge Projects

Sood and Salim

(l.) Nimil Sood ’08, (r.) Saniya Salim ’08

With diseases ever present in family life, many children dream of growing up to help cure cancer or some other disease or to make significant breakthroughs in scientific research. Undergraduates Chris Liu ’10, Saniya Salim ’08, and Nimil Sood ’08 are already helping to advance the field of biomedical research through their undergraduate research.

Chris Liu Studies Brain Cancer Cells

Undergraduate Chris Liu, a chemical and biomolecular engineering major, is working on projects that take him to labs on the Cornell-Ithaca and WCMC campuses. Since March 2007 Liu has been working on a collaborative project in the labs of Claudia Fischbach-Teschl, Biomedical Engineering, and John A. Boockvar, Neurological Surgery, WCMC. His research involves the study of angiogenesis in brain cancers, the process by which new blood vessels are created out of pre-existing vessels.

Saniya Salim Works on Cancer Computational Models

Saniya Salim, a biological and environmental engineering major, first began undergraduate research in the summer of 2006 when she approached Jeffery D. Varner, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, about working in his lab. Welcomed into the Varner lab, Salim began working on computational models that identify points in the mechanism of cancer development that can be targeted for treatment.

Nimil Sood Studies Cancer Drugs

Nimil Sood, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, has known that he wanted to work in the pharmaceutical and biomedical industry ever since he was in high school. With an interest in this sort of research, Sood investigated the different biomedical labs on campus and expressed interest in the lab of David A. Putnam, Biomedical Engineering/Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. The summer after his sophomore year, Sood was accepted into a biomedical engineering lab to begin training as an undergraduate researcher.


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