22 Volume
1-2 Number
2009 Year
Cornell University
222 Day Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-2801
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At Cornell

11 Young Innovators

Weill Hall
ScanlonThe Ideal Hub for a Maize Geneticist
How Do Plants Generate and Continue Making New Organs throughout Their Life Cycle?
Michael J. Scanlon, Plant Biology
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Garcia-GarciaAn Exhilarating Niche
What Genes and Developmental Processes Are Essential for the Development of Specific Parts of an Embryo?
Maria J. Garcia-Garcia, Molecular Biology and Genetics
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LipsonThis Is Not Your Ordinary Ivy League
How Do We Design and Make Robots That Can Mimic Every Aspect of Nature?
Hod Lipson, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering/Computing and Information Science
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RaskolnikovBody and Soul
How Does Medieval English Literature Fit in the 21st Century?
A Conversation with Masha Raskolnikov, English
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O’DonoghueBehavioral Economics
How Do We Incorporate Psychology into Economics?
Ted O’Donoghue, Economics
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SchiffA Compelling Question Drives a Long-Term Passion
How Do We Develop a Brain Stimulation Method to Improve Cognitive Function in Patients after Serious Brain Injury?
Nicholas D. Schiff, Neurology and Neuroscience
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MettlerShaping Attitudes, Shaping Politics
How Have U.S. Social Policies Changed Since the 1970s?
Suzanne Mettler, Government
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SondermannSignaling a New Path
How Do Proteins Do Their Jobs?
A Conversation with Holger Sondermann, Molecular Medicine
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KleinbergWhen We Search the Web
What Does the Relationship between Algorithms and Information Have To Do with Our Everyday Computer Use?
Robert Kleinberg, Computer Science
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FinleyA Visual Journey through Time
What Is the Role of Visual Culture?
Cheryl Finley, History of Art
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MatsudairaFrom Bilingual Education to the Low-Wage Labor Market
What Can the U.S. Government Do to Help Low-Income People?
A Conversation with Jordan D. Matsudaira, Policy Analysis and Management
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