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Our customers are provided services based on three levels and the particular center/department need. These levels are general descriptions outlining different levels of services and are modified as needed to best meet specific customer needs.

Level 1 Services

These customers are provided the highest level of service. Research Division Human Resources (RDHR) manages all transactions including COLTS, HR-Online, Taleo, Exempt Leave Accrual System, and others as needed. Employee data is entered into systems and is updated and approved as appropriate. In addition, support and assistance is provided for the development of position descriptions, search plans, employee relations, and disciplinary actions. RDHR staff often serve on search committees and provide information to the search committee and assist with candidate selection.

Currently most of administrative units reporting to the Office of the Vice Provost for Research receive services at this level as well as many of the new and/or smallest research centers.

Level 2 Services

Customers in this group are provided mid-level services. Assistance is provided with COLTs approvals, data input, and position development. RDHR staff are available to support open searches and serve on the search committees. Assistance is also provided for employee relations issues and disciplinary actions.

Level 2 customers are mid-sized departments or centers that have some expertise in the center/department but need backup during vacations and illness as well as support with employee relations issues.

Level 3 Services

Level 3 customers receive services for transaction approvals, classifications, employee relations issues, and disciplinary actions. These centers operate on their own for the most part; they interpret policy and develop procedures for their centers. These customers include mid-to-large sized research centers that have internal human resource support; they contact RDHR as needed.


Human Resources Director
Deb Shigley
222 Day Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853

Human Resources Assistant Director
Jamie Washburn
395 Pine Tree Road, Suite 302
Ithaca, NY 14850

HR Assistant
Kristie Devine
395 Pine Tree Road
Suite 302